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Our entire line of mixes are handcrafted in West Chester, PA. 


All of our mixes are Gluten Free with no preservatives added.  They are carefully crafted to be enjoyed as a mocktail, a cocktail, or somewhere in between (try Prosecco!)


You can buy our products at any of our vendor partners, or buy direct from us (payment via Venmo).

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$20 (16 OZ)

Makes 7-8 drink

Slightly sweet with rosemary and a dash of fresh squeezed lime juice that makes this versatile mix great as a mocktail with sparkling water, but also plays well with gin, tequila, vodka, and prosecco!

Pom bottle on bar.jpg

$20 (16 OZ)

Makes 7-8 drink

Less sweet with a little tartness balanced by thyme and fresh squeezed lemon juice. This mix plays really well with tequila, gin, prosecco, light rum, vodka, and as a mocktail with sparkling water.

CranBlue bottle on bar.jpg

$20 (16 OZ)

Makes 7-8 drink

***SEASONAL***  Available in late Sep

Our new seasonal mix of apple cider, clover honey, and cinnamon enhanced by the addition of fresh squeezed lemon juice.  Great warmed up too!  Enjoys being blended with dark rum, bourbon, cognac, and gin, and as a tasty mocktail!

Apple bottle on bar.jpg

$22 (32 OZ)

Makes 7-8 drinks

Made with organic ketchup, fresh squeezed lemon and lime juice, horseradish, worcestershire, and mouthwatering spices, this bloody will soon become your favorite. Makes a great Virgin Mary as well!

Bloody bottle on bar.jpg

$22 (32 OZ)

Makes 7-8 drinks

Similar recipe as our regular bloody, but with the addition of pickle juice and apple cider vinegar, it adds a little zing. 


aka the Bourbon Bloody Mary, this bloody enjoys mingling with either Bourbon or Vodka!  This one-of-a kind mix impresses both bourbon and bloody fans alike.

Pickled bottle on bar.jpg

We are a small batch cocktail/mocktail drink mix company that uses fresh ingredients that must be stored and shipped refrigerated.  Therefore, we decided it was too expensive to ship, but they are available in the West Chester, PA area.
If you buy directly from us, you can schedule a time and date to pick it up at our West Chester kitchen location (near Matlack Street and Route 202) or we may be able to meet you at a mutually convenient location. Please Get in Touch with us to submit your order and coordinate a convenient time and location where we can drop off your tasty concoction.

As our business grows we are looking to offer our products in more locations, so stay tuned!  Please let us know if you are interested in trying any of our products, and we will find a way to get you some and look to see if we get them in a store near you!

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